Academic Programmes

The Department started with Bachelor of Engineering (B.Eng) Degree Programme in 1982. Masters of Engineering (M.Eng) Degree Programme commenced in 1994 and Postgraduate Diploma (PGD) Pogramme in 1996. Doctor of philosophy (Ph.D) Degree Programme in the various specializations of Mining Engineering started 1998. The Department enrolls candidates from many neighbouring African countries.    

The Undergraduate Programme

width=300The Department runs a five-year degree programme leading to the award of B.Eng. degree in Mining Engineering. The first year (100Level) of the programme is devoted to the teaching of basic science courses such as Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Engineering Drawing, Workshop Practice and Introduction to Mining Engineering.  These courses are taught by other Departments in the University except Introduction to Mining Engineering that is taught by the Department of Mining Engineering. During the second year (200Level) of the degree programme, students are taught Mathematics, Basic Engineering and Geology courses as well as General Agriculture. The remaining three years (300-500Level) of the undergraduate programme are used to teach core courses in Mining Engineering. The programme integrates academic work with a tremendous measure of practical training (Students’ Work Experience Programme, SWEP; Students’ Fieldwork and Students’ Industrial Work Experience, SIWES) in mining and minerals industries and organizations as well as other related industries. The Students’ Industrial Work Experience, SIWES is undertaken in the second semester of the fourth year (400Level) of the programme. 

The Postgraduate Programmes

width=300The postgraduate programmes of the Department are designed to train and produce highly skilled specialists in all specialized fields of Mining Engineering who will meet the complex technical and management challenges of the minerals industry. These specialists will in addition serve as a pool for manpower requirements for academic and research institutions. At the postgraduate level, the following programmes are offered:

Surface Mining,

Underground Mining,

Rock Mechanics,

Mine Environment and Safety,

Mine Management and Mineral Economics,

Mineral Processing and

Mine Surveying and Photogrammetry